P&ID Training


P&ID's the Muddled Story

 “The ultimate goal of P&ID training is to help each reader understand, use and update P&ID's while keeping the story muddle free. This will allow all involved to achieve higher PSM quality documents and make better decisions for the plants safety." 


This two (2) day presentation provides a review of:

  • The purpose of piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID)
  • Understanding symbols on a P&ID, what they really represent
  • Understanding component identification
  • Understanding instrument controls and devices
  • Basic drawing layout and continuations
  • How to markup P&ID’s correctly

Target Personnel 

This course focuses on P&ID drawings typically used in the chemical and process industries by engineers and technologists in the design phase and by operations and maintenance staff once facilities are up and running. It is suitable for employees, managers, officers of corporations and anyone else with an interest in how P&IDs drawings should be created, maintained and used in such industries.

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Field PAD Assistant Training


Field Pad Assistant Tutorial Training

Tutorial walk through training will help generate an understanding of the Field PAD Assistant software work flow process and allow the user to operate the software in a productive and accurate method.

This training will create a P&ID from the beginning and will emphasize the key functionality for the FPA software

Field Pad Assistant Regular User / Administrator Training

This training is for editors and administrators and consists of the following:

• Administrator Dashboard review

• File Manager Review

• Reporting Review

• PSI Data Operations

• Equipment / Instrument / Main Construction canvas review

• Line numbering detailed review

• Pre-Built P&ID sets review

• Importing a DXF File basics

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