P&ID Walk down Services


How Open Range estimates a P&ID walk down:

Our quotes are based on equipment and Instrument count not actual P&ID count for the facility. It is in our experience during a walk down that P&ID’s become very congested when the appropriate information is added, as a recommended practice there should only be three or four pieces of equipment on one P&ID. Most of the time existing P&ID’s would have to be split to accommodate the new information. Also Secondary headers (steam, instrument air, natural gas, etc) will have there own P&ID’s with secondary connections to the process P&ID’s.  The process P&ID’s will contain all relevant piping and instrumentation / controls for that piece of equipment(s) and then connect to the corresponding P&ID. 

Before you ask for Quote, please be prepared to answer the following....


  1. Can we get a copy of a plot plan(s) with all the equipment locations that need walked down?
  2. Do you have any existing P&ID’s? 
  3. Do these existing P&ID’s cover all process that need to be walk down or is there process missing?
  4. Can we get a copy of all the current P&ID’s?
  5. Are you wanting us to do a complete field walk down for these P&ID’s? *
  6. Are these P&ID’s in any type of CAD format?
  7. Are we required to update these P&ID’s in that CAD software or can we use the software tools Open Range has for P&ID walk downs at your facility? (Click here for more information)
  8. What type of PSI data is required by your facility and how much Process Safety Information is expected to be capture during this walk down? (This would be referencing Equipment descriptions, instrument specification sheets, valve numbers, LOTO references, LDAR references etc..)
  9. What are the instrumentation requirements for this walk down? In other words do we just add the field instrument and tag number without researching the control side or do we investigate the control side of the field instruments with operations and represent it on the P&ID?
  10. Is there any SIS data required for this walk down?
  11. Is a field visit required with this quote?

*Open Range's definition of a complete field walk down: “Verify all components which would include equipment and its associated nozzles, field instruments (excluding control functions), and piping which encompasses all pipe sizes and tubing runs. This would include all Primary – process piping and all Secondary piping (sometimes called utility piping)”

Due to our experience in finding that in many cases there are different symbol representation between P&ID’s it would be recommended to update all symbols including piping, equipment and instrumentation to match current facility legend sheets or ISA / PIP standards. 

**Open Range Applications, LLC partners up with Open Range Engineering Services, PLLC to offer P&ID  field walk down services, with over 25 years of field experience, Open Range can get it done right the first time. Not only can we walk down P&ID's but we can help get the emergency plot plans updated, process flow diagrams created,  electrical classifications up to date and any other design or engineering drawings your facility may need.    

CAD (DXF) legacy Import


Have P&ID's in another software no problem, we can help.

With our in house conversion tool, we can import your existing P&ID's to the FPA software at a fraction of the cost compared to redrawing them into the software. At the time of import we can also split the drawings and pick up any additional red lines that may exist.  Ask for a quote today and see what Open Range can do you for you.