Main Canvas Components

The Main canvas component menu displays each pipe components group, by clicking on the drop-down arrow within the associated group this will expand all available components for easy window drag-and-drop operations. 


Primary Continuation arrows for primary lines or main lines that interconnects the piping flow between two drawings. Primary connectors are interlinked between drawings.


Secondary Continuation arrows for secondary lines or utility lines that interconnects the piping flow between two drawings. Secondary connectors are interlinked between drawings.

Off-Drawing Continuation arrows for primary or secondary continuations that do not have a mating drawing for main or utility lines.

Valves - screwed, socket weld, butt-welded valves. 17 choices available.

Valves – flanged. 18 choices available.

Valves – Specialty, unique valves such as bulk material, diverter, rotary, etc... 8 choices available. 

Pipe Fittings – standard pipe fittings. 25 choices available.


Specialty Items – unique piping fittings such as pulsation dampener, silencer, filter, etc... 28 choices available


Line connectors – All fittings that determine new isometric line numbers or branches for pipe fittings, such as tees, crosses, olets, etc... 7 choices available 


Free-Floating Items - all items that do not attached to a line or connection point. Free-floating items are used to call out special information or flag the P&ID for specific reference points. 16 choices available

Free-Floating Text - Free-floating text may be placed anywhere on the canvas. 

P&ID symbols

P&ID symbols