Field Pad Assistant P&ID Application


Why use FPA's Software?

  • Right combination of flexibility and standardization
  • Allows people familiar with the process to create clear, accurate P&IDs
  • Enables companies to organize, store and access critical data
  • Utilizes the power of computing technology and tablets to improve efficiency
  • Clear, consistent, concise information critical for safe process operation and management
  • Expandable to accommodate growing organization
  • Low entry-barriers  - both cost and ease of use
  • Puts the PSI in the hands of those who know the process best

What is Field Pad Assistant P&ID Application Software

This software is not just a simple way to create and maintain P&ID's but a dashboard for Process Safety Information. It collects the data that you need on P&IDs for quick and easy review when you need it. No lost time searching for the documents or pictures. Everyone can have access to review this data throughout the plant site. This software puts your P&ID's in the hands of those that understand your process best. Includes a tutorial database for quick training and understanding of the software.   The application can be used on any windows based PC, allowing the user instant access to critical information. 

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Main Canvas


Main Canvas includes simplified commands and  piping components for quick and easy pipe routing

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Instrument Canvas


Instrument canvas allows the user to construct instruments by using simplified commands and instrument components, instrument specification sheets  can also be applied.

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Equipment Canvas

P&ID equipment symbols, P&ID software

Equipment canvas allows the user to construct equipment, as the user constructs the equipment the PSI data is created, a simple process but a powerful tool. 

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Data Collection


The POWER of the software comes from its ability to capture data and apply it to the correct components on the P&ID, while creating smart PSI data.

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Line number Organization

P&ID Line numbering, P&ID software

The most complicated item in every CAD software is keeping track of the line numbers but not anymore. We have made the line number system simple but yet not simpler. 

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Reporting & Specification Sheets


The one thing that stands out with the data collection software is its ability to get smarter as the user constructs instruments and equipment, automatically generating reports.

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What's included in the P&ID software application......


  • Patented drawing functionality for field use by utilizing tablets, including Class 1 Div 2 devices.
  • Sync to local database which enables the user to take the data anywhere.
  • Quick interface between field and office; built with Microsoft SQL Sync for rapid data update.
  • Built-in File Manager (No additional file management software required).
  • Patented Shorthand Commands
  • Simplified functionality for the basic user
  • Real world symbology with comprehensive standard graphics (Over 500 industrial recognized P&ID Graphics resourced from Open Range copyrighted P&ID Pictogram Collection)
  • Piping Canvas for quick and easy pipe routing
  • Equipment Canvas for standard and custom equipment construction
  • Instrumentation Canvas for standard and custom instrument construction
  • Over 80 Instrument Pre-built assemblies for standardization, accuracy and productivity
  • Pre-built sets for custom components and future repeats
  • Field picture capture for all components, equipment and instrumentation.
  • Revision history and data collection
  • Component data collection
  • Line data collection
  • Equipment data collection w/ built-in PSI specification sheets
  • Instrument data collection w/ built-in instrument specification sheets
  • Customizable Pipe Sizes for Nominal Pipe size or Diametre Nominal 
  • Customizable Abbreviations for plant clarity
  • Customizable Line Service Codes plant specific
  • Customizable Flange rating for Flange Class or Flange Pressure Nominal
  • Customizable Insulation codes
  • Customizable Material codes
  • Custom Site Specific Rules based on company standards
  • Opens programs per file association while in the application
  • Basic Reporting (Auto populated from P&ID)
    • Drawing Index
    • Equipment index
    • Instrument index
    • Valve index
    • Validation reports
    • Instrument Missing PSI Sheet
    • Unknown Items
  • Progressive Drafting Techniques 
    • Automatic line break
    • Automatic Arrows
    • Drag location for graphics
    • Line Validation rules
    • Automatic Labeling
    • Connection point inheritance
    • Off drawing connectors auto update
    • Automatic Equipment report creation
    • Instrument Specification Sheet assignments
    • Component drag and drop operations
    • Standard Layout rules
    • Unknown functions (allows the user to proceed even if the information is unknown)
    • Auto populated instrument, equipment, drawing and valve indexes.
  • PSI Integrated Data Retrieval. A placeholder is provided for any existing client information by adding a link or coping and storing the document within the database.