Blast Zone & Release Point maps


Does your facility know who is affected if there's an release or blast?

Having a blast zone map or release point map will help allow those to know where to escape to if there is an emergency or if the building they occupy is safe to be at during the emergency. These maps help subject matter experts know what type of buildings and facilities should be built and maintained for such events.  If your facility does not currently keep these updated, then today is the time to start.

Keeping them informed......

Being prepared for an emergency is the key to successfully protecting those that may be in harms way.  By having accurate blast zone maps or release point maps will allow the emergency crews to know where the affected personnel and hazards may be located quickly.

The blats zone maps & release point maps canvas in the data collection software allows the user to import a DXF file, presumably a plot plan or floor plan, or the user can import an image; such as an image from google earth to use as the background. Once imported the user can add the boundary lines of the type of hazard determined to a specific layer on top of the import document. The boundaries can be easily modified if changes arise. The use can also create a legend sheets or release point descriptions using any electronic spreadsheet (such as; Microsoft Excel) and import it to the drawing border. Come see why this data collection software is such a powerful tool.

The boundary lines function the same as the P&ID data collection graphics allowing the user to import photos or documents, allowing all to view or print. Data collection has never been this easy.

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